BSA Scorpion TS Multishot Bolt Action PCP Air Rifle

2023 BSA Scorpion TS PCP Air Rifle

Are you after a BSA rifle that doesn’t break the bank? Well, this may well be the one you are looking for…

The Scorpion has been a famous staple in the BSA arsenal for some time now. However one of the biggest issues the original one had was its lack of a competitive shot count. Now with this 2023 model that has been changed.

By what can only be described as witchcraft; BSA has managed to squeeze over 100 shots per fill out of this new Naturally Regulated (self-regulates without the need for a regulator) BSA Scorpion TS. That gives this gun a higher shot count than the BSA Ultra whilst using a similar barrel and trigger set-up whilst being cheaper than the Ultra and the old Scorpion!

The new 2023 BSA Scorpion TS now sits in a very favourable position, it has the accuracy and shot count of its bigger brothers whilst being aimed at the affordable market normally occupied by BSA’s sister company GAMO and their GX platform guns.

Scope not included


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