Our History

1831 – William Rochester Pape was born in Amble.

1850s  – W.R Pape opened his shop in Westgate Road Newcastle

1857 – W R Pape produced his first shot gun

1858 and 1859 – W.R.Pape wins the Field Trials.

1859 – W.R.Pape organises the first dog show in Great Britain and the prizes are Pape shotguns.

1860s – W R Pape bought further shop premises at 29 Collingwood Street Newcastle

1866 – W.R.Pape wins the Field Trials.

1866 – Invented choke boring in Shotguns (British Patent No. 1501) 1867 – W.R.Pape provisionally patents a system of mechanically retracting firing pins (#594[p] 2/3/1867). Later in the same year Pape improves upon this system (#2488 3/9/1867). This patent also includes a description of an extractor.

1870 – W.R.Pape patents yet another improvement of mechanically retracting firing pins (#752 15/3/1870).

1875 – W.R.Pape wins a prize of ten guineas awarded to “the original inventor” of choke boring. The prize was the idea of a Mr. Lane and was awarded to settle a dispute taking place in the correspondence column of “The Field” newspaper over the origins of choke boring. THE FIELD organised a trial to compare the merits of the new choke bored guns over the traditional cylinder bores. Pape finished 2nd and 3rd in class 1 for choke border guns and 1st in class 2 for cylinders (Pape had entered three guns in his own name and three in the name of Davison of Morpeth). The trials left no doubt as to the superior patterns and penetration of choke bored guns.

1887 – W.R.Pape wins a prize medal at the Royal Mining Engineering and Industrial Exhibition.

1889 – W.R.Pape retires, leaving the business to his son, Victor.

1889 – W.R.Pape guns win a diploma of merit at the Glasgow exhibition.

1923 – W.R.Pape dies following a road accident.

1935 – W.R Pape’s business was bought by his shop managers who changed the name to Bagnall & Kirkwood (Late with W.R.Pape) and the shop relocated to 31 Westgate Road

1949 – Sidney Guthrie was employed by Mr. Kirkwood as a junior assistant.

1954 – Mr. Guthrie took over the business.

1969 – Bagnall & Kirkwood moved to 52 Grey Street.

1973 – Mr. Guthrie’s wife joined the business and became joint owner.

1981 – Mr and Mrs Guthrie’s son Alan joined the business.

1993 – Sidney Guthrie died in April of this year and the business premises moved to 28 Grey Street in October.

Sorry we no longer have any records relating to Pape shotguns