Parker Hale Shotgun Cleaning Rods and Brushes

Parker Hale cleaning implements are compatible with all standard UK made cleaning rods

Available individually or in a kit






Three Piece  Deluxe Hardwood Cleaning Rod

Top quality hardwood shotgun cleaning rod turned with swell handle for easy grip and fitted with solid brass cross-riveted joints. Our shotgun rods are universal and are designed to fit 12g,20g, 16g and 28g

Payne Galway Cleaning Brushes

For fast and effective cleaning of heavy fouling in barrels and chambers. This dense phosphor bronze bristle construction will not compact or distort and will provide many years of service. Available in 12g and 20g only

Phosphor Bronze Cleaning Brushes

A superior Phosphor Bronze bristle construction spiral wound brush, ideal for all applications, great for pull through kits, economical and effective. Phosphor bronze will not damage the shotgun bore

Wool Mops

Lint free mop. Can be used as a final polisher or as an oiler for long term storage (please remember to clean out all oil before shooting your gun)

Brass Jags

A quality split brass jag ideal for use with Forbytoo, Flannelette patches or Napier Super Clean.
Brass tools are strong and traditional for use on sporting guns, the soft metal will not damage steel barrels and will last a lifetime.