Lithgow Arms 101 Crossover Bolt Action Rimfire Rifles

Building on more than a century of military manufacturing expertise in Lithgow, NSW, the Australian-made LA101 CrossOver is a hunting / target rifle with modern tactical styling, high accuracy and reliability.

It will initially be offered in .22 LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR Rimfire calibres, and will feature a wider fore-end and more vertical handgrip for stable bipod or bench use, a heavy barrel for stability, accuracy and slow heat build-up, plus rapid and smooth bolt operation with triple-lug 60-degree locking.

The stock has an integral moulded trigger guard and butt hook for improved prone hold, and will be made from the same injection moulded nylon as Thales Australia’s new Austeyr-based EF88 rifle currently being developed for the Australian Defence Force, as well as the F90 export variant.

The LA101 CrossOver barrel has a proprietary semi match chamber for improved accuracy with a wide variety of ammunition. Each military grade steel barrel will be cold forged, manufactured on the same machine at Lithgow that makes barrels for the ADF’s Austeyr rifles and ensures their outstanding accuracy – the only such machine in the southern hemisphere.

Lithgow Arms is a Thales Australia-owned business, and Thales Australia CEO Chris Jenkins said: “We’re building on our proud military heritage to offer a new Australian rifle specifically for Australian customers. We’ve been asked about this idea for many years, and decided it’s now time to meet the demand for a competitively priced, locally made rifle. There is definitely a place in the market for a product like this, and we believe customers will appreciate owning a rifle made at Lithgow, with all its heritage and storied place in Australian military history.”

Lithgow 101 is available in various calibres and stock options along with left hand options

.22lr, .17HMR and .22 magnum

The rifles are also available as a combo package which includes Nikko Stirling Panomax 3-9×50 AO scope,Weaver match mounts and Aimsport sound moderator

  • Calibres .22lr, .17HMR and .22 mag
  • Weight 3100 g
  • Barrel length: 531 mm
  • Overall length: 997 mm – 1007 mm
  • Barrel: Cold hammer forged, threaded for sound moderator,  11 target crown; semimatch chamber, 1:16″ 6 groove
  • Receiver: Rear locking; high tensile steel with hardened locking lugs: sized for Magnum Rimfire; compact length; recoil lug; 2 piece bases
  • Bolt: 3 locking lugs; 60 bolt lift; hardened handle; de-cocking feature; perpendicular sear engagement; Nylon bolt shroud and knob.
  • Tirgger / Safety: 2 position safety; 1.4kg trigger pull
  • Magazine: Flush Fitting Nylon 5 or 10 Shot Magazine (CZ 452/455 compatible (.22LR), CZ455 compatible (.17HMR / .22WMR)
  • Coating: Cerakote H series (colour Titanium) on barrel, receiver, sight bases and bolt handle


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