Howa Varmint LSS-XL Gen2 Chassis Rifle

Howa  Varmint LSS-XL Gen2  Chassis  Supplied with deluxe case and one piece base

What makes the Howa 1500 the rifle of choice for more shooters than any other rifle? Simple, they are one of the best rifles that you can buy. They may not have a fancy jewelled bolt, engraving on the receiver or a hand wrapped stock wrapped on a virgin’s thigh but they do have a top quality two stage match trigger and minute of angle accuracy barrels that rival custom made rifles along with a wide choice of stocks to make your rifle just the way you like it – without costing your trigger arm!

Available in  a choice of exciting stock colours Black or FDE

24″ Varmint Blued Barrels Calibres: .204 : .223 : .243 : .308 : 6.5Creedmore: 300PRC: 6.5PRC

24″ Varmint Stainless Barrels Calibres: .308win

26″ Varmint Blued Barrels Calibres: .308win: 6.5 Creedmore (at extra cost)

24″ Varmint Carbon Fibre Barrels  Calibres: .308 : 6.5Creedmore:  6.5PRC

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Proven Accuracy – Howa sub MOA, regardless of which stock they are in

Two Stage H.A.C.T. Trigger – Howa Actuator Controlled Trigger giving creep free crisp shooting with adjustable pull down to 3lb and a constant let off

Three Stage Safety System – keep your bolt on lockdown when woodland stalking and keep your rifle safe when unloading

Wide Range of Barrel Options – do you want lightweight, sporter, varmint or varmint fluted in blued or Cerakote finishes? The choice is yours.

Wide Range of Calibres – from the smallest through to magnum calibres Howa manufacture one of the widest choices on the market and are quick to bring new calibres into the range

Wide Choice of High Quality Stocks – from the Hogue Synthetic pillar bedded stock through the the latest HCR chassis system every stock is top quality and the 1500 action drops straight in

Built in Swivel Studs – no need to mess about to sling or bipod your rifle up, they fit straight on

Changeability – if you fancy a new rifle but your Howa is shooting really well (they all do) just change the stock and for minimal expense and no fuss you have a new rifle

Lifetime Warranty – every new Howa comes with a LIFETIME warranty against manufacturers defects

Required Firearms License Type: Section 1

Sales of Restricted Firearms: Please note sale of this item is restricted to license holders only. It can be purchased in our store, or sent to your local firearms dealer for collection. To read more about this please click here.barrel.