Fallkniven S1 (shop collection only)

Model S1 has a straight design which gives good control. The blade is designed so that it functions in all kinds of hunting and fishing situations. The edge is specially ground to make the knife easy to whittle with, while it is extremely strong. The handle gives a sure and reliable grip, even in wet or cold hands. The steel is a rust resistant special steel (VG- 10), which goes through a comprehensive hardening process. The length of the blade makes it good for splitting wood, although the weight limits its use to light chopping duty.

The Fallkniven forest knife is available in an all-black design, with the blade coated in Teflon. In addition to reducing the risk of unwanted reflections, the Teflon coating gives further protection against corrosion. If the knife is to be used in salt water environments, we recommend the S1 Black.

The sheath is manufactured in black ox hide and is of the open, hinged type – most favoured by hunters and anglers in northern Scandinavia. The sheath is deep enough to hold the knife in place without extra fasteners. The sheath has a plastic liner to prevent the knife from cutting through the end. There is a Zytel sheath for those requiring a completely weatherproof solution


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Blade Material: Laminated VG10
Blade Length (cm): 13.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 23.4
Handle Material: Rubber
Sheath: Leather or Zytel™
Product Weight (g): 190

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