Classic Canes Walking Sticks Everyday Series

Classic Canes stocks a wide range of crook walking sticks in many woods and contemporary materials. The crook is a very traditional handle for a walking stick. It is formed by steaming the wood to make it pliable and then bending it round into the curved shape. The crook walking stick can hang comfortably from the arm when not in use.

Classic Canes derby walking sticks are a core part of our range. The derby handle is very elegant, very popular and offers excellent support as it carries the user's weight directly over the shaft of the stick. It is reputed to have been designed by Lord Derby, who wanted a stick he could hook over his arm when he wanted his hands free.


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We stock a good range of walking sticks, canes and staffs and can obtain other sticks normally within a week or two. We are listing just a few of our standard collection which we would normally keep in stock.

Please check with us for current stock availability and delivery charges (if required)

The price of postage will vary depending on the area where you live