Benelli Raffaello Powerbore Semi Auto Shotguns

The Raffaello Powerbore is a perfect blend of traditional style and superbly efficient technology. Manufactured from top quality materials and with a scrupulous attention to detail, the Raffaello embodies elegant Italian design while meeting the needs of today’s most demanding hunters. Accompanying the unique and attractive new look are several technological features which make the gun as enjoyable to shoot as it is to look at!

At the heart of this is Progressive Comfort, Benelli’s brand new recoil damping system which intelligently reacts to different cartridge loads by varying its response. The damping mechanism is located inside the stock and is connected to the recoil pad, providing amazingly effective recoil reduction whilst minimising muzzle climb and vibration. The Power Bore Crio barrel has a bore of between 18.3 and 18.4mm which guarantees superior performance, higher shot velocities, greater accuracy and improved penetration.




Required Firearms License Type: Section 2

Sales of Restricted Firearms: Please note sale of this item is restricted to license holders only. It can be purchased in our store, or sent to your local firearms dealer for collection. To read more about this please click here.

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