Merkel RX Helix Centerfire Rifles

The “Queen of Hunting Rifles,” or Merkel RX Helix, originated in a hunting lodge in 2007. The RX Helix features a manual cocking lever, closed system housing, linage-driven hammer, solid bolt head, and Merkel safebolt. With a rotary bolt head and true straight-pull bolt action, the hunter can keep his/her eye on the target. Due to the bolt barrel system, the Helix is able to be taken down without tools making it convenient for transporting.

For mountainous regions and deer stalking, the Merkel K3 Single Shot Rifles offer an easy-to-handle size, low weight, tilted lock breach, finely tuned trigger, side plates inlayed in a prism, engraved screws, steel receiver, octagonal barrel.

Practical and robust, Merkel B3 Rifles features a duralumin receiver, Jager tilted block breech which easily detaches and locks steel-on-steel in the barrel, horizontally and vertically adjustable lower barrels, double lock with manual cocking system, and a finely adjustable trigger.

RX Helix is available in a selection of stock and barrel options along with a wide selection of calibres to suit


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