Live Ragworm Sea Fishing Bait

Ragworm is a very popular bait throughout the summer months. It is a very attractive bait and is most productive when fishing in clearer waters. It is normally red/ green in colour.  Ragworm are ideal to use when fishing for Bass and are very lively once put onto the hook.  Other species fished for with ragworm are wrasse, flounder, dab, pollack, coalfish, whiting etc.
Our Ragworm is normally delivered fresh every Thursday, Please call us on 0191 2325873 to check availability or place an order. This product is only available in store


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Our ragworm are supplied wrapped in newspaper, to prolong the life of the bait it is advisable to change the paper if it gets wet and to keep the bait in a cool place

There is approximately 2oz of worms in a pack