Le Chameau Ladies Jameson Leather Boots

Crafted with natural nubuck leather, these boots are a practical and stylish option for the city or country. A smart leather style utilises a unique Michelin designed sole, perfect for long country walks. The high-quality, waterproof and breathable leather features 5-layer LCX technology which makes the boot durable and long-lasting. The strength of this leather means it will protect your feet from the elements, whilst keeping you warm and dry. The calf width now has a more flattering ladies shape offering the perfect fit for those with slimmer calves.


The leather fabric used and the lightweight sole ensures this boot will not become heavy after a long days wear. This means it is perfect for long country walks as they will stay comfortable, whilst also keeping feet cool and dry.


The LCX® lining is a high tech breathable membrane. With a 5-layer construction, water is prevented from entering the boot so that feet are kept dry, while allowing sweat and moisture to escape easily. This makes the Jameson boot a practical choice for long country walks as your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day long.

Michelin Sole

Our unique sole is designed with Michelin to provide all-day comfort and a surefooted grip on any surface. This sole took inspiration from the tyre of a dirt bike, resulting in a sole that provides sure-footed grip in all terrains and prevents slipping in the mud. The exclusive Michelin OC compound is a rubber formula that allows the sole to be both ultra-light and abrasion-resistant.


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