ISSC MK22 Black Rifle

ISSC MK22 .22lr Black


The ISSC-Austria MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle) MK22 is a clone of the FN SCAR, a popular military service rifle. It is a well-built rifle that features a Lothar Walther match grade barrel, completely ambidextrous controls placed in the appropriate places, and an adjustable foldable stock.

The MK22 is manufactured completely with metal parts, increasing its durability. The ample amount of rail space will accommodate all optics, illuminating, and gripping accessories.


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Product Description


  • Folding stock
  • Adjustable stock – 3 positions
  • Adjustable stock shoulder
  • Possibility to mount a sling buckle in the stock
  • Equipped with open sights (retractable / adjustable)
  • Rail system for all kinds of accessoires
  • UCAS system with 6 possible positions for the cocking lever
  • Modern design
  • Inexpensive .22lr caliber ammo
  • 22 round magazine
  • High precision barrel

Required Firearms License Type: Section 1

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