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Greys GTS 500 fly Reel

A narrow width, large arbour design fly reel for fast, level retrieve, the GX500 also features a unique system of friction fit identification pins. The Line ID system allows you to clearly mark the spool with line size, density, sink profile and core type, so you can select the correct line at a glance.

Ported arbour design and a superb Greys drag system makes this a tough but extremely light reel. 4/5/6 and 6/7/8 weights.

Never Forget Yor Lines Again

The Line ID system is ideal for those competition and serious stillwater anglers who take upwards of 20 spools with different lines, but the GX700 and GX500 are also ideal for the more ‘every day’ angler who may only take a floating, sinking and intermediate line with them – the reels come with two spare spools and a carry case meaning you’re all set. And if you need even more spools, add to your collection for just £9.99. Better still, the GX700 spools are interchangeable with the GX500 of equivalent size, and vice versa.

  • Narrow width, large arbour design for fast, level retrieve
  • Ported arbour design to reduce weight
  • Tri-grip handle design
  • 4/5/6 size and 6/7/8 size spools interchangeable with the equivalent GX700 Reel
  • Captive spool release mechanism
  • Centralised twin Rulon disc drag system with twin dog drive
  • Tool free left to right conversion
  • Counter balanced spool


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Product Description

GX500 #4/5/6 GRGX50 WF5+90m / WF6+71m 159 / 5.60 3.750 / 95 £49.99
GX500 #4/5/6 GSPGX50C WF5+90m / WF6+71m 159 / 5.60 3.750 / 95 £9.99
GX500 #6/7/8 GRGX55 DT6+95m / WF7+115m / WF8+90m 164 / 5.78 3.930 / 100 £49.99
GX500 #6/7/8 GSPGX55C DT6+95m / WF7+115m / WF8+90m 164 / 5.78 3.930 / 100 £9.99