Carl Walther LP500 Expert Target Air Pistol

The LP500’s basic design is following an uncompromising path laid out by human anatomy and anthropometrics.

Anatomic Grip: Ergonomically perfected grip with adjustable palm rest. Low position of action and bore-axis relative to the grip. Ideal grip-angle for intuitive shooting without causing fatigue. Individually adjustable via 3D adjustment.

In short: The LP500 Anatomic Grip fits like a second skin. Trigger blade adjusts for length of pull, height and angle for perfect finger placement. Fundamental for an intuitive flawless pull. Advanced

Weight Engineering: The LP500’s design is the result of precise specifications of overall weight, centre of gravity, weight distribution and balance of the pistol.
Individually adjustable.

Performance was never so ergonomic.

Accurate Performance
The LP500’s accuracy has earned a legendary reputation in a very short time. It is the achievement of a passionate team in our Walther barrel-competence-centre.

Every day they strive for the best solution in technology, tooling, materials and processes to achieve the maximum accuracy of our LP500.

Understanding that the final performance of the LP500 is more than the isolated accuracy of our barrels it is the result of a fine tuned interaction with our 8-Channel-Compensator, Walther Airporting System, Advanced Weight Engineering and the adjustable Tungsten Absorber.

Put simply: An uncompromising precision-system.

Performance was never so systematic.


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Spare Parts:
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