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The essential connection
Shooters who demand and achieve outstanding results also understand where those results come from. World beating performance is not the result of any single factor, but the successful combination of many. It begins with the selection of equipment capable of the performance you need, and ends with your ability to use that equipment to its full potential. Between the precision of the hardware and the skill of the shooters lies a single, essential means of translating potential into success – and that’s the pellet.
It’s the pellet you shoot that ultimately determines whether you hit the target, or not. Once that pellet leaves the barrel, you have to trust it to deliver everything invested in your shooting system. That’s everything from the technology, care and craftmanship invested in the development of every component in your airgun, through more of the same devoted to your sight and mounts, to the hours of dedication required to make you an efficient shooter. All of it rides on the head of that pellet, every time you fire a shot. Expert airgunners understand this fundamental fact of shooting life, as much as they know the folly of creating any other weak link in the performance chain. The best always use the best, especially when it comes to pellets.

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Product Description

Diabolo Field 5.51 & 5.52
16.00 grains
Tins of 500

Diabolo Hunter .22
16 grains
Tins of 500

Diabolo Field Plus 5.52
18.10 grains
Tins of 250

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