Tracer 150

Tracer 150 Variable Handheld & Vehicle Mounted Hunting Lamp with Two Filters

Tracer 150 Variable Lamp supplied with Amber and Red filters

The lamp has the capability to be used either hand held or vehicle mounted and is also supplied with two snap on filters Amber and Red

Powerful, Lightweight & Durable. 12V Remote Sport Lighting solutions from Tracer ideal for automotive, 4×4, ATV, agricultural, industrial, marine, hunting and security & surveillance.

High Quality Construction
Encased in a sealed Polycarbonate body.
Featuring a flawless reflector and high impact Lexan lens ensuring your beam is always perfect.
The fully weatherproof polycarbonate body, provides excellent protection from the elements
Tracer Remote Sport Lights are designed to provide a permanent fixing to any vehicle where additional lighting is required.
All Remote Sport Lights feature a quick adjustment lever, allowing you to move the light up or down.
The beams focus can also be adjusted from spot to flood by rotating the reflector housing to achieve the desired beam spread. A Remote Handle is available in variable or fixed power models allowing full control from within a vehicle

Spot / Flood
Adjust your beam from spot to flood to suit every situation with a simple turn of the reflector housing.

Quick adjustment Lever
Allows quick adjustment of beam direction (up or down). This can be replaced by the secure locking bolt supplied

Power Supply
A 12V power supply is required to operate the light. We recommend our high performance Lithium Polymer Battery Packs. Alternatively a 12V vehicle power supply can be used.

‘Snap-On’ Filters
Included with this lamp : Amber and Red

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