Steiner Ranger Pro 8×56 Binoculars

The Ranger Pro 8×56 is our special low-cost model for active low light hunting. Its superb optics combined with high luminosity mean that it offers all the features of professional binoculars for difficult light conditions, at a really accessible price. The improved depth of focus and colour contrast make spotting and identifying game possible even when the light is poor. The use of special eco-lenses with higher light refraction guarantees better reflection in the prism. A difference you can’t fail to see.


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The 8×56 model with its unique close-up range is incredibly robust, thanks to a housing made of extremely tough plastic. The innovative design of our RangerPro series is bound to impress with its smart styling and superlative handling features such as ergonomic thumb grips and NBR rubber armouring. This features a patterned, non slip surface. This ensures these binoculars are especially secure and comfortable to use, even over long periods.


Weight 1140 g

TEINER High-Contrast-Optics

Fast and more accurate identification of game hiding in its natural environment is guaranteed by our High-Contrast Optics. The good depth of focus and improved colour contrast offered by the Ranger Pro series has been achieved by the use of an eco-glass free of heavy metals. The higher light refraction ensures better reflection in the prism, so delivering above-average image quality. The tried and tested silver surface refinement of the phase-corrected roof prisms results in high-contrast images with excellent colour reproduction. The optical system is thus designed to deliver especially high contrast values for night vision to make targeting game easier in the dark.

Robust construction with high levels of functionality

The entire series of Ranger Pro models has been designed using a new, fibre-glass reinforced high-performance plastic material. This offers maximum resistance to mechanical stresses in comparison with commercially available synthetics, so ensuring that the optics of the Ranger Pro binoculars are especially well protected. An unprecedented level of precision for optical adjustment has also been achieved here. The innovative high-tech material used for the housing offers much greater rigidity, making it particularly resistant to outside influences such as impacts or chemicals. When combined with the Nitrogen Pressure System and water pressure proofing up to 3 metres, you can rely on your Ranger Pro model being especially durable and requiring low maintenance.