Pulsar Core FXQ 50 Thermal Night Sight Conversion

As the Pulsar Core FXQ50 is a front-mounted thermal imager which clips onto a rifle scope, you can keep using your existing scope regardless of whether you’re working in day or night conditions.

That means that even with the FXQ50 attached, you get all of the benefits of your familiar, comfortable scope, including your existing reticle and eye relief. The attachment simply seamlessly works with your scope to enhance your capabilities with high quality thermal footage.

Thermal imaging is much better than standard nightvision scopes – wheres NV scopes require some visible light to operate, the FXQ50 can instead detect the display the body heat of a target over a wide distance. Even if you’re in complete darkness, fog or trying to see through sparse foliage, the FXQ50 can do it all and gives you an excellent advantage when out hunting.



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Dual capabilities – the FXQ50 both mounts on a standard daytime weapon scope to transform it into a thermal scope, or can be used by itself as a single optic thermal monocular
Wide detection distance – this scope can detect a 1.7m high target at a distance of up to 1800m (1970 yards)
Excellent thermal resolution of 384 x 288 pixels ensures you can see everything in great clarity
Super-fast, 50Hz frame rate – a higher frame rate than many other equivalent cameras gives you seamless, smooth viewing, even when moving
Fast ‘monocular-attachment’ conversion – switch between modes quickly as needed
Compatible with a wide variety of standard weapon scopes with lens diameters from 40 to 56mm
High contrast green monochrome display
Three calibration modes – manual, automatic and semiautomatic
Three operating modes – choose between Rocks, Forest and Identification
Outdoor ready – IPX7 rated and frost-resistant AMOLED display
Compact design with low weight to ensure comfortable use when mounted on a weapon
Powered by batteries with optional external power supply available