Peltor Kids Hearing Protector

The 3M PELTOR™ Kid range Passive Ear Muffs are attractive vibrant colour hearing protectors. These products are specially designed for younger wearers,  to protect against moderate levels of noise in everyday situation such as social and leisure activities.

Available in hi-vis neon pink an hi-vis neon green.

Specifically for smaller heads, yet perform to the same exacting standards as many of our ‘grown up’ hearing protectors for which 3M PELTOR has become world renown in industry and beyond.




Product Details

Comfortable and fun children’s ear defenders suitable for smaller head sizes.
Consistent level of comfort when worn for long periods.
Comfortable to wear due to wide sealing rings which are filled with unique combination of fluid and foam.
Smooth with no protruding parts to catch on things.
The average noise reduction you receive by wearing this product is 27dB SNR.