Pachmayr Pad

Pachmayr Decelerator Slip-on Rifle/Shotgun Recoil/Butt Pad Black

This pad combines the advanced recoil control of the popular Decelerator’s internal design and material with Pachmayr’s unique insert to produce a great looking new slip on recoil pad which is unmatched by any other recoil pad. 

In addition the pad’s material and design make installation easier than ever. 

Best of all these features are offered at a fantastic price.

 No other slip-on recoil pad can match all the features of Pachmayr’s new Decelerator Slip-On  – at any price.


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Product Description

A Pachmayr original design

The Speed-Mount insert gives hunters and target competitors alike the benefit
of smooth, snag-free mounting while delivering maximum recoil reduction. Although originally embraced by sporting clays competitors, Pachmayr’s Speed-Mount insert make perfect sense for any form of shooting or hunting where quick shooting is as important as recoil reduction.

Black colour
No machining of stock required
Recoil protection

Pad thickness when attached to gun: approx 24mm

SMALL width 38.1mm to 41.3mm length 120.6mm to 124mm
MEDIUM width 38.1mm to 44.5mm length 127mm to 131.8mm
LARGE width 44.4mm to 47.6mm length 131.7mm to 138.1mm