OX Red Mainspring

Ox Red Airgun Mainspring



Available for a variety of Air Rifles, OX Springs are the worlds first Square Section air rifle mainsprings available to the public. Manufactured from Swedish High Content Chrome-Maganese – Carbon – Silicon – Tempered Spring steel, offering tensile strength in excess of 250,000 lbs per square inch.


Please note: For the installation of springs into Air Rifles it is sometimes necessary to remove coils by way of grinding or cutting the spring. This is normal and should be taken into consideration before fitting. Please test your airgun with a chronograph to ensure you remain below the UK power limit.


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Product Description

No.1 Spring is for Lightning, Airsporter, Mercury, Supersport, Superstar, Goldstar, Anschutz 335, Original 35, 45, 50, 38, Rws 24, 27, 34, 45, 50, Relum, Air Arms (All Models of rifles), Hw85, Hw55, Hw50, Haenel, Lion, Asi Cf 16/20, Webley Mk3 and No.1 also fits HW95 and HW98 if you reduce the spring guide by 20 thou

No.2 Spring is for BSA Meteor, Milbro, Diana G80, 27, Norica, Baikal, Cometa 300, 400 and the No.2 also fits Cometa 5, 50, 100 with a few coils removed.

No.3 Spring is for BSA Superstar 12ftp, HW99, Webley All Models Except Eclipse & Mk3

No.4 Spring is for Hw35, Diana Original Rws 52, 48, 54

No.5 Spring is for Hw80, Webley Eclipse

No.6 Spring is for Hw77 & Hw77K, HW97 & HW97K, Feinwerkbau (Fwb) Sport, Also All Larger Original Models if ultimate power is required.

No.7 Spring is for Asi Sniper, Magnum And All Other Asi Models

For other models please compare sizing using the table below:

Model Outer (mm) Inner (mm) Length (mm)
No. 1 21 15 271
No. 2 19 13 245
No. 3 20 14 230
No. 4 23 16 240
No. 5 23 15 260
No. 6 21 15 320
No. 7 20 14 230