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Opinel No.12 Explore Knife

The Opinel No.12 Explore is brand new for 2016 and is right up our street. It is a good sized folding Opinel with a great multifuntion handle. It encorporates a Firesteel, a whistle and a removeable guthook making it particualry suitable as a camp knife, a field kitchen knife or a hunting knife.

I really like this one as it is just what we stand for in that it is made in Europe from European materials and represents brilliant value for money as you get so much in one package.

It is made with a Sandvik 12C27 10cm stainless steel blade, 3mm thickness and performs cutting tasks effortlessly.

It has the traditional Virobloc system to lock the blade in opened or closed position. The handle is the emblematic and ergonomic Opinel handle which is made from high end plastics with rubber overmold and is resistant to extreme temperatures from -40°C to +80°C and to water. As a bonus it also has a built in pealess whistle (works by any time) built into the handle (110 decibels, heard from more than 300m).

Synthetic grip for hanging on a hook / bag / belt.


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