Night Pearl Scops13

Night Pearl Scops 13 Thermal Vision Monocular

Night Pearl Scops 13 is designed for users likes small device with good image and fair price level. The Scops 13 using resolution 240×180 px and offer all features as more expensive cameras. Friendly model for common users with several colour pallets, new VOx sensor using 17 ųm technology and twice digital zoom. All standards are keep, only the image quality and price are improved. Night Pearl Scops 13 will help to beginners same as professional hunters looking for device on shorter distance.


Product Description

Magnification 1,2x, digital 2x
Pixel Array Format 240×180 px, Ceramic VOx, 17 ųm
Objective lens 13 mm
Field of view 17° x 13°
Lens System F1:0
Refresh Rate 50 Hz (PAL) / 60 Hz (NTSC)
Display LCOS, 720×540 px
Color palette Warm black, Warm white, Warm red, Rainbow, Bird
Video Output yes
Wi-Fi no
Photo, Video no
Laser no
LED light yes
IP rating IP66
Battery life 15 h
Operating Temperature -20°C / +50°C
Dimensions 160 mm x 62 mm x 62 mm
Weight 320 g

Observe distance

Detection / Recognition

Car 2039 m / 510 m

Human 867 m / 217 m

Deer 765 m / 191 m

Hare 204 m / 51 m