Browning Zenith Gun Safe

Browning Zenith 19 and 27 Gun Cabinets

Browning is proud to complete this range with the Zenith 19 and 27 guns. These safes meet with even stricter security standards, without losing the elegance and practicality which appeal to users.

Zenith safes are certified EN 1143-1 Grade 0 and UL RSC. But Browning goes even further than these certifications, among the strictest on the market, providing maximum resistance against forced entry. Thanks to a range of cutting-edge technologies, Zenith safes resist fire for 90 minutes. Add to that the nine hinges and the top of the range S&G electronic lock: all these features make Browning safes the most secure on the market.

As well as being highly resistant, Zenith safes are a byword for practicality. Say goodbye to doors which only open 90°, reducing your freedom of movement: doors on Zenith safes open 180°. The interior too has been designed with your comfort in mind: you can adjust or remove the shelves, there is a box for your ammunition or documents, and another space for your handguns. There are spaces on the inside of the door for your chokes, magazines and scopes, etc.

Elegance is written into the DNA of Browning safes, and the Zenith range is no exception. The silver chrome colour of the three-spoke handwheel contrasts beautifully with the safe’s black gloss finish. The interior of the Zenith safe is lined with soft beige carpeting. The polished finishes look so great it wouldn’t be a surprise to find your safe taking pride of place in your living-room!



Product Description

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Ammunition Box: Yes
Type of lock: Electronic
Color: Gloss Black
Adornment: Door Contour
Spoke Handle: 3 Spokes Silver Chrome
Fire Resistance: 90 min
Removable Bolts: 6
Fixed Bolts: 3
Steel Thickness Door: 3,42mm
Steel Thickness Structure: 3,00mm

Zenith 19 Gun

Weight: 397kg
External Depth Dimension: 62,00cm
External Width Dimension: 68,00cm
External Height Dimension: 153,00cm
Internal Depth Dimension: 55,00cm
Internal Width Dimension: 55,00cm
External Height Dimension: 38,00cm

Zenith 27 Gun

Weight: 521kg
External Depth Dimension: 62,00cm
External Width Dimension: 79,00cm
External Height Dimension: 153,00cm
Internal Depth Dimension: 48,00cm
Internal Width Dimension: 65,00cm
External Height Dimension: 136,00cm