Browning Prestige 19 Gun Cabinet

Browning Prestige 19 Gun Safe

A luxury safe that is finely fitted out, stylish and supremely fire resistant. Sophistication and security in one safe.
THERMABLOCK: 60-minutes fire protection.
3.5 MM STEEL DOOR: Thick, reinforced door provides increased safety and protection against forced entry.
3 MM STEEL BODY: Thickness of the steel: 3 mm.
9 HINGES: 9 door-mounted locking bolts.
PERMANENT AND REMOVABLE BOLTS: 1-inch thick active locking bolts on the top, bottom and right sides of the door. Permanent locking bolts on the left side of the door.
UL STANDARD : American burglaryresistance standard.
VDMA STANDARD : Browning safes meet VDMA 24 992 Level A standard.
180° DOOR OPENING ANGLE: The door opens fully, i.e. to 180°.
INTERIOR LAYOUT: The stylish modular shelves can be repositioned up and down and from side to side.
DPX SYSTEM : The DPX door rack system provides the storage solution for all hunting accessory items.
REINFORCED DOOR: Profiled steel door frame provides even better protection against forced entry.
AMMUNITION BOX: Safe includes a removable ammunition box.
ELECTRONIC LOCK: Door is closed by an electronic combination.
3-SPOKE HANDLE: Safe comes with a chrome-finish 3-spoke handle.
QUICK STORAGE: System offers quick retrieval and storage of guns in the door.
FORCE DEFLECTOR: This exclusive system prevents the handle from being forced by causing it to spin freely if excessive force is applied.


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Product Description

Internal depth dimension 30.8cm
Internal width dimension 54.3cm
Internal height dimension 134cm

Weight: 202kg

Lock: electronic