Brococki Compatto Synthetic

Brocock Compatto MK2 PCP Air Rifle

No other airgun looks like it or performs like it. Its bull-pup style carbine-length shortens the Compatto to just 34 inches (864mm) but retains a full length 18 inch (457mm) barrel and a 150cc air tube for maximum shots and power

Nothing has been left to chance from its high-tech polymer stock to an all metal 10 shot magazine.

The Compatto takes Brocock to a new design standard.

Scope not included

Compatto features include:

Precharged from a dive cylinder or high pressure pump
Three power settings of low, medium and high
Removable self indexing 10 shot rotary magazine
Single Shot Tray
Synthetic ambidextrous stock with black “Soft Touch” option
Slingshot hammer system
Two Stage trigger
Resettable safety catch
Full length, built in fully baffled silencer with adapter for second stage silence
Available up to 30 ft/lbs muzzle energy
Weight 3.17 kg
Length 864mm (34 inches)
.177, .22 cal


Overall Length: 864mm/34″
Barrel: 457mm (18 inch) Lothar Walther – Choked/Crowned
Dovetail width: 11.5mm
Weight (unscoped): 3.17 kg
Available Calibres: .177 (4.5 mm), .22 (5.5 mm)
Valve Type: Self Regulating
Magazine: 10-Shot rotary, removable
UK Power/Shots per charge – .177 cal gives 75 shots, .22 cal gives 90 shots
Export Power/Shots per charge – .177 cal 18 ft/lbs gives 25 shots, .22 cal 30 ft/lbs gives 30 shots
UK Charge Pressure: 200 bar
Export/FAC Charge Pressure: 240 bar
Trigger: Two stage adjustable
Stock: Black Soft Touch or Black Synthetic


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