Hawke 400m Range Finder

Hawke Compact  400m Laser Range Finder

Laser Range Finder monoculars provide instant distance measurements consistently and accurately. The outstanding optics provide a sharp and clear image under all conditions.Designed with an eye safe CE approved laser, with automatic power off for energy saving, it gives a clear digital distance indication at the press of a button.
By selecting >150 mode, the influence of the objects such as overhead electric cables and tree branches affect can be eliminated.

The range finder can be used for distance measuring in hunting, playing golf, construction and site survey.


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• Range: 5-400m
Angle range 90*
• Measurement pattern: semiconductor laser
measurement (harmless for eyes)
• Error in measurement: + I m +0.1 %
• Measurement display: Inner-vision-field LCD display
• Effective objective lens aperture: 25 mm
• File coating: multiple file coating
• Outlet pupil diameter: 3.8 mm
• Outlet pupil distance: 12 mm
• Alignment focus: eyepiece focusing adjustment
• Magnification: 6x
• Vision field within 1000 m: 122 m
• Modes of measurement: RAIN. REFL. > 150
• Battery: I x 3V CR2 (included)
• Dimensions: I 40mm x 99mm x68mm
• Weight: 180g